Sanctuary Sounds Presents

Up For A Revolution!

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Sanctuary Sounds was officially incorporated in March 2017!


The purpose of incorporating is to keep together the people that have contributed and want to continue to contribute to bring music and art to our Central Hawkes Bay community.


Sanctuary Sounds has conducted music festivals and open-mic nights for over 8 years.  These events have always taken place at 96 College Road in Pukehou, but will now take place at whatever location Society members choose.



Members of the Sanctuary Sounds Incorporated Society are the people that want the events to take place and thus contribute to the financial means to make it happen.  Membership fees will go towards venue hire, costs of running a gig and/or festivals, the ability to provide affordable food and drinks at events, and future goals of the society.


A truly grass roots festival in rural New Zealand!


Where are we?

Sanctuary Sounds has relocated to Takapai/Ormondville Rd, about 10mins after Waipukurau going south. Head left to Takapau, get some supplies from the foursquare and carry on about 1km.

You will see us on the right.