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Sanctuary Sounds Music Festival would never happen without the help of volunteers.  Every year volunteers assist in the day-to-day functions of the festival; everything from cafe/ bar help, recycling, rubbish, to gate entry and parking.  We fully appreciate the help we receive and would love to invite past volunteers to come help again.  Of course, volunteering means getting a weekend pass in exchange for your volunteer services.

This year the volunteer program will be run slightly different (we've learned a lot over the years).  If you've volunteered in the past, contact us for details, we are happy to work with you again.  The following are the guidelines for the 2015 volunteer program:

 Volunteer Applications are now closed for 2016!  



Volunteer commitment:

6 hours of work  - (2) 3 hour shifts
Mandatory attendance at either the Friday or Saturday volunteer meeting

To take part as a new volunteer, we ask you to kindly pay 1/2 the price of the weekend pass: $47.50.   After you work your 2 shifts, your money will be refunded.  This is an insurance for us, because our experience has taught us that not everyone that commits to volunteering will show up for their shift.  When this happens, it leaves us in the unfortunate position of having to cover shifts at the last minute.

If you are interested in joiing the team please fill out the below form and one of our team will get back to you.

We will do our best to accomodate your requests.