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Out of the Ashes

Now is your chance to join us, and continue a musical journey of discovery. Membership runs from July 2018 - July 2019.  Membership is dependent on submitting an application and approval.  Membership Benefits include:  Festival access, Free camping, Free entry to Open Mics and other Sanctuary Events, Discounted hire of venue, Discounted hire of sound equipment.

Please choose the payment option that suits you and fill out the details on the paypal page. Membership runs until 31st May, 2019.

Important: Please be sure to enter all the information fields on the paypal site so we can sign you up and send your tickets to you!


Please note: Payments via Paypal will incur a $3.00 charge to cover Paypal's fee and any exchange rate differences, plus $1 postage.

DAMN, I lost 10 bucks because I waited! $90 ($100 in Dec)

Membership Fees. | 93 NZD | Postage+1 NZD